DiGi’s Examplary Customer Service (Again)

I needed to enable international roaming for a postpaid supplementary line of mine. Doing what I usually do, I went to digi.com.my to look for the relevant information. Found it here - Postpaid International Roaming. Found out that I needed to:

  • approach a DiGi Center (I have one within 20 minutes drive from my apartment, no biggie)
  • I need to fill out a form
  • I need to bring alone a photocopy of an Identification Card (problem here)

The problem was the person with the supplementary line had already left the country. So I called up DiGi’s Customer service to inquire if I can submit a photocopy of my IC instead of the supplementary line holder. Here’s how the call went (re-phrased but meaning is retained):

Support: Hi, Mr. Eng. How can I help you? (whoa, she called my name +1)
Me: Hi, I need to ask you something. Can I activate international roaming on behalf of my supplementary line holder?
Support: Mr. Eng, I need to do some verification (and proceeds to ask for my IC number as well as billing address)
Support: Thank you for verification. Hold on, let me check the system.
Me: Sure.
(about 20 seconds later)
Support: Hi, Mr. Eng.
Me: Yes, go on.
Support: I’ve checked the system. I noticed that this postpaid line has been in use for more than 6 months. Is that correct?
Me: Yes.
Support: OK, I will be able to activate roaming for you. It’ll take about 2 days for it to be active. Is that OK?
Me: Sure (yay, I don’t need to physically go to a DiGi Center +1)
Support: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Yes, actually. I’d like to request termination of paper billing for my postpaid line.
Support: OK, done. Is there anything else?
Me: Nope, that’s about it.
Support: Thank you for being a DiGi Customer sir.
Me: No problem. Goodbye.
Support: Bye.
I hang up.

She called my name and she helped save my time. I seriously cannot see myself using anything else other than DiGi. It is the sum of small things like this one that makes it worthwhile to stick to something. Not promotions, not fancy ads nor loyalty programs. All it takes is for a front-liner to do their job really well.

Side note: I’ve heard scenarios of people using Maxis (this is a first hand encounter) that went through loops of fire to get international roaming enabled when some friends got stuck in Thailand due to a stolen passport. To cut the story short, Maxis demanded deposits and also the person to be physically around for verification to activate international roaming. Hello? They guy’s stuck in Thailand for crying out loud! And this happened to a long-time Maxis customer, a working citizen of Malaysia.

  • http://www.jayceooi.com Jayce

    Ha.. Ha.. DiGi serves you very well o. ;)
    Me still stuck in prepaid age. LOL

  • http://www.bernie.net.my Bernie

    I don’t blame you. Most, if not all, postpaid packages offered by the telcos here don’t exactly offer much benefit over their prepaid counter parts if you are not a heavy voice user.

    I got roped in because of the special DiGi Ambassador plan or I would’ve stuck with my DiGi prepaid as well.

  • http://tanjamie.blogspot.com/ Jamie

    As mentioned, I have been with Maxis postpaid for about 10 donkey years…everyone who knows me, knows my number..therefore its not that easy to change…

    Basically I have no qualms using Maxis because like you cuz, they serve me quite well….I have a RM4500 monthly credit with them ( dunno why the hell they gave me so much ) and all my 5 supplementary lines are already on International Roaming ( activated it via call up to Centre like u did )..given that against my average monthly usage of RM1000 shld be ok..

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I seriously have nothing against Digi, a lot of people I know who use 016 praise it like hell…so it shld be a good thing that you guys have there right?

    Neways, its 2 every1 his/her OWN right? Stick with what that serves you well

  • http://www.bernie.net.my Bernie

    Jamie, sometime this year (if the telcos stick to their schedule), there’ll be a multiple-number-portability project that’ll go live. What this project will do is that it’ll allow subscribers to switch telcos while keeping their existing numbers.

    Expect an all out competition to snatch subscribers then. You probably get some sort of VIP treatment for racking up RM1k in bills monthly ;)

  • http://tanjamie.blogspot.com/ Jamie

    VIP = Very Idiotic Person

    On a serious note, if that happens then its good but I think it won’t be as easy as it sounds….simply because of the BolehLand shitheads that has some crony connection or some “chairman type of share” will go all out to protect their interest….their tagline is always “screw the consumers”…but it would be nice to be proven wrong once in a while.

    Whatever happens I won’y be switching to Celcom. Even if they close down all the telcos!! I really hate the way they do things…too goverment servant like, if you know what I mean by that. Blardie hell, I can survive on my satellite phone if the situation warrants..